Ady Barkan vs Health Net

Federal District Court in California Permits Ady Barkan’s Class Action to Move Forward Against Health Net

Ady Barkan is willing to give his last breath to bring about change in our managed health care system. With a ruling today by United States District Court Judge Michael Fitzgerald, denying Health Net’s motion to compel arbitration of Mr. Barkan’s class action lawsuit, the change sought by Mr. Barkan will be litigated in federal…

California Department of Insurance Slams HealthNet for Unfair Denial of Substance Use Disorder Claims, Giving Tremendous Boost to Policyholders and Health Care Providers

Attorneys Rich Collins and Damon Eisenbrey of Callahan & Blaine in Orange County, have filed two class action lawsuits against HealthNet and represent over a dozen health care providers in litigation arising out of HealthNet’s alleged refusal to honor the terms of its PPO policies.